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secret santa game

Wichteln (secret Santa / Julklapp), with excitement and many surprises

Wichteln comes from Scandinavia ("Julklapp") and has been a popular tradition for over the years to present each other a surprise gift. There are many opportunities to thank the family, friends, members of the association, or birthday or engagement parties with a small or big gift. Whether for Christmas (secret Santa), Eastern, a birthday party, party with friends. There are enough occasions.

Even the so-called "Schrottwichteln", ie the distributing of gifts and products that no one wants or x-fold already exists, is a good opportunity to spice up a party. Friends meet and want to give each other gifts. For good friends, one would like to be as happy as the family members.

One possibility is to get together, each bring a gift, the parcels are numbered and then raffled by each one receives a number and then the appropriate packet may take. But there is another way.

Funny, exciting and with many surprises: The "Wichtel Presents Game" makes it possible as secret Santa.

Packages are moving, locations are wrapped, presents are changed owners, other once move into surprise pile.

The card gamecontains 52 cards (including description and instructions) and provides with the card texts tension and fun for a few exciting hours. You just have to make sure that there are enough surprise packets on the table. Already the fun can begin.

Each player draws a card, read the card text and speak it loud so that
everybody know whats happen and performs the action.

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